Social as a Service

The all-in-one solution for building a strong social culture in remote teams.

Teams with strong social connections are happier, healthier and more productive. We make it easy for remote companies to develop a thriving social culture.

The death of the water cooler

"Our last virtual social had only 15 people turn up. Out of over 150. We're struggling to get engagement"

"Only 20% of the team is coming to our virtual water cooler sessions, and it's the same 20% each week"

Sound familiar?

Death of the water cooler

The old ways don't work

In an office, colleagues meet naturally, catch up and make small talk. They can socialise outside of work, go for dinner, take on the local pub quiz. Team events are easy to organise - just get everyone to a physical location and voila!

Remote employees don't socialise in the same way

A challenge for team culture

Remote teams are struggling to build the social connections to let them thrive in their jobs.

41% of employees are considering leaving their current employer. Make sure yours aren't among them.

Buffer graph remote work

Imagine if you could unlock:

Better teamwork

Regular social interaction fosters collaboration and communication between colleagues

Higher productivity

Good social relationships mean happier, less stressed and more productive employees

Improved retention

Companies with a socially connected workforce are better able to hold on to top talent

We call it: Social as a Service

One simple, monthly subscription based on your number of employees. A complete solution for building your team's social culture.

Slack, Teams, Basecamp

A social environment deployed into Slack/Teams etc

Facilitated to encourage social interaction among your team, with continuous provision of content and entertainment

Regular virtual socials run by our Virtual Social Champions

From virtual mixers to theatrical performances and micro-games, hosted by actors, performers and masters of improvisation

Hosted virtual socials
Award winning online games

Showpiece events without the hassle

Cadence of epic events, organised for you, including our award winning online team games

"It's been great to see the engagement from colleagues who have never joined any of our previous attempts at socialising"


"My team were so excited about today's game that they powered through a tough deadline with time to spare!"

Here's what your social program could look like:

Designed and delivered by our Virtual Social Champions and tailored to your team

SaaS calendar

How it works

Dedicated speciaist


Our team will work with you to determine the best plan for your remote team

We're there on the day


We'll develop you tailored social program based on the cadence that suits you.



Sit back, relax, and watch your team build great social connections!

Prices start from £12/$14 per person per month

Let's talk!

Get in touch, and let us take care of building your team's social culture

Social As A Service