Frequently asked questions


What device do I use and what are the technical requirements to play?

What do I need to play the games?

All you need is a laptop or tablet with access to Zoom, Google Docs and Google Sheets, and an internet browser with a stable connection. You’ll also need working audio through headphones or a speaker, and a working microphone so your team can hear you.

What kind of device should we use to play?

We recommend a laptop if you have one, but the game can also be played on a tablet.

Can I play the game on a phone?

We recommend against this if possible, just because Agent Venture wasn’t designed with small smart phone screens in mind, and it can be harder to switch between a Zoom call and other files on smartphones. However, if you’re very stuck and some of your team need to play on phones it can work in a pinch for some roles but we recommend they don’t play as the Hacker.

How long are the games?

All 3 games run for up to 75 minutes, including 60 minutes of timed challenges.

How many people should be in a team?

4-5 people is the standard team size.

How does Agent Venture the game work?

What format do the games take?

Our games are conducted over a Zoom call and your team will be lead by a professional actor as Games Master.

You will lead a secret agent through an audio-lead, immersive virtual adventure, and each have access to different information (sent to you during the introduction of the game) to get them through various situations by solving puzzles, tracking down files, and swindling various characters you come across.

You will need to communicate with each other the different clues you have access to to get your agent out alive!

What are the roles in the game, and what are the differences between them?The team roles you can choose from are Hacker, Navigator, Researcher, Communicator and Coordinator:

  1. Hacker involves a lot of puzzle solving, so if you’re into Sudoku, this is your role. (Note, if you play this role, you will need access to Google Sheets and may need to download it as an app if you’re on a tablet.)
  2. Navigator involves receiving maps of all the places our Agent will be traversing and directing them through, so if you’re comfortable with directions, this is your role.
  3. Researcher involves receiving a large amount of information and tracking down the specific parts your team needs to get through parts of the mission. If you’re good at sorting through a lot of information and you’re comfortable reading a lot of material, this is your role.
  4. Communicator involves calling various characters and persuading them, lying to them, blackmailing them or otherwise finding a way to get them to do what you want. If you’re a good talker, this is your role.
  5. Coordinator gets access to everyone’s information packs, and acts as a leader and second pair of eyes to make sure everyone keeps on track. They are able to solve puzzles alongside the Hacker, help the Researcher find the right information and so on. If you’re a good leader and you want to do a bit of everything, this is your role.

Why should I choose my role in advance?

We recommend choosing your role before the game starts if you can. You will have access to the Zoom call from 15 minutes before the start of your game, so we recommend using that time while you wait for your Games Master to begin to choose your role if you haven’t already. If you’re not sure which role you’d like best, feel free to take our role finder quiz!

Will we all be able to see the same information while we play?

No, you’ll all have different information packs, so communication is key! You can screen share over Zoom if you want your teammates to be able to see what you’re looking at and help each other out though.

Can 2 people share a role?

Yes! If for example you’re a couple living in the same house and want to share a role, you can log on together on the same device and play.

What are the differences between the 3 missions?

All 3 missions take place within the same world and narrative and go together to make a consecutive story.

In ‘Mission One: The Heist’ you help Agent Venture break into a heavily guarded skyscraper and steal some vital documents incriminating their evil CEO.

In ‘Mission Two: Cyborg Island’ you take a trip to the CEO’s private Island and fight your way through a casino full of Robots.

In ‘Mission Three: B.A.D Side of the Moon’ you take your Agent on a trip to the CEO’s Moon Base and try to stop them from destroying the Earth!

Do I need to play the missions in order?

If you want to experience the whole story, then we recommend starting with Mission One, but if one of the later missions catches your eye and you don’t mind missing some story, feel free to jump in!

You still get some tutorial time at the beginning of each mission regardless of which one you start with, so new players wouldn’t be completely lost if beginning on a later mission.

Do the missions vary in difficulty?

The games get incrementally harder as they go on, with a mind to the fact that most people play them in order and therefore will have a little more experience by the time they play Mission Three.

Where do we play from and how many people can play?

Will it be just me and my friends, or do we play with strangers?

All our sessions are private, so it will be you and your chosen team only.

My team and I are in separate houses, can we still play together?

Yes! That’s exactly what this game was designed for. As long as you all have access to Zoom via a tablet or laptop, the game will work.

My team and I are in the same house, will this still work?

Playing in the same space can work! What we recommend is that you all have separate devices and join the Zoom call separately so you can still receive your packs, and if you’re all playing in the same room, we recommend muting all of your microphones and sound except on one device to avoid potential feedback issues.

My team and I are all in the same house, and we only have one laptop, can we still play?

In this situation we recommend the Hacker use the laptop and everyone else log on on smartphones. If you have any other option (e.g. tablets) we recommend those over phones if possible.

Refunds, technical issues and cancellations

Something has come up and my time slot no longer works, can I reschedule my game?

Unfortunately all sales are final and we don’t rearrange time slots or offer refunds.

I can’t make it to my game on time but the rest of my team can, can I join in later?

We recommend you pick a time slot that all of you can make it on time to. A lot of explanation of how the game works happens in the first 10 minutes, so anyone who is late may find it hard to catch up on the fly.

Can I bring an extra player on the day?

Prices are per player, with a mind to each player logging on on a single device. If you want to upgrade from a team of 4 to a team of 5 (with one additional device for the 5th player) please Contact Us and pay the difference beforehand. If you have someone who wants to share a role on the same device as another player, it’s ok for them to join on the day without notifying us.

If there are technical problems during the game, what do I do?

Please tell your Games Master if you’re having technical problems! They will be able to either offer advice or call our in-house tech support if it’s something more complex.

Is it essential for me to have a working webcam on the Zoom call?

No! As long as you can hear everyone on the Zoom call and they can hear you, you’ll be able to play the game fine. It’s nice to have cameras so you and your friends can see each other, but it’s not essential by any means.

Age restrictions and suitability

Is this suitable for children?

We recommend this game to be best for those aged 16 or over due to some of the content. It’s ok to bring younger people, but you are responsible for any content they may encounter in the game, so please use your own discretion on this.

What kind of content makes these games 16+?

There is some light violence, some suspense and threat, and a few instances of light sexual innuendo used for comedic effect. If you’d like more details on this, please Contact Us and we’ll be happy to go into more detail about particular content so you can check if our games are suitable for your team.

Team Building and Corporate Events

Is this game suitable for corporate team building?

Absolutely! Please refer to the Team Building section of this website for more information on this.

Do you offer games to large groups wanting to play several games at once?

We do! Please fill in the form on our Team Building page for any corporate enquiries of this sort, or Contact Us for any other enquiries of this nature.

Can you cater to specific accessibility needs?

Absolutely, but please Contact Us to let us know what your specific needs are so we can discuss options for running the best game for your team.

Do you offer press games?

Yes we do. Please Contact Us for any press enquiries.


How much does it cost?

The exact cost will depend on the specific requirements of your event, and we can usually find a way to accommodate any budget.

For the best quality experience, a budget of around £30 per person would be recommended.

What time zones / regions do you cover?

Our team are based primarily in the UK, but we regularly run events for teams across Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. 

We can cover any time zone (or combination of time zones).

My team are based across different countries, how will that work?

We're increasingly working with companies who are keen to ensure colleagues from different global or regional offices have a chance to share in social experiences. We'll work with you to plan out the specific logistics for your team, and the best way to make it a success.

What equipment will my team need? Any technical requirements?

All our games are designed to be simple and easy for colleagues to access.

All you need is a laptop or tablet with access  an internet browser with a stable connection. You’ll also need working audio through headphones or a speaker, and a working microphone so your team can hear you.

Our games use Zoom (though we can utilise Teams or Meets if preferred).

We'll do a technical run through with you before the event to make sure everything works seamlessly, and our tech support will be with you on the day.

What makes your games special?

All our games have been designed from the ground up to be played online.

Our number one goal is to ensure every player is engaged and involved. The challenges and puzzles teams face require players to work together, and the events are structured to facilitate conversations and communication.

Live actors run each experience, and are masters of improvisation, meaning the games reacts to choices you make. They also ensure that every player gets their moment in the spotlight.

We love talking game design, so please feel free to ask us more!