About Us

We are Storytellers. We've always been inspired by the narrative of video games, the agency of RPGs, the drama of immersive theatre, and the cerebral challenge of an escape room or board game.

Our mission is to take these elements, and blend them into live entertainment experiences that people play together with their friends.

We are Game Designers. When the world changed in 2020, so did we. All our experiences are designed from the ground up to be played online - and that's what makes them great.

The Adventuring party

Chris Stylianou
Chris Stylianou
Founder & CEO
A true Gish. With a sharp mind, intense focus & relentless training regimen. 
Luke Peake
Luke Peake
Co-Founder & CGO
Loves everything that grows, including vegetables, businesses and beards.
Jason Phelps
Jason Phelps
Head of Design
Equal parts wordsmith and programmer. Somehow makes the multiclass work.
Karla Fletcher
Karla Fletcher
Head of Marketing
Like her canine companions, cannot stand being trapped inside. Needs regular walks.
Beastmaster Ranger
Adam Phillips
Adam Phillips
Head of Operations
Most comfortable when managing hordes of minions with complex tactical plans.
Ellie Sparrow
Ellie Sparrow
Chief Artist
Jack of all (artistic) trades. Wielder of stylus and screen. Weaver of magic.
Matt Burns-Peake
Matt Burns-Peake
Corporate Events
A broad smile & strong sense of service. Spontaneous press-up enthusiast.
Head of Security
Vigilant guardian of the home office. Barks loudly at all potential intruders pigeons.
Our Actors

Over 40 Actors

At the heart of all our experiences, our actors create immersive worlds that react to players.

With backgrounds encompassing London's West End, the Edinburgh Fringe and even video game voiceovers, we're lucky to have such a talented roster.

Our Partners

London and Partners
London & Partners
Business Growth Program
3 month accelerator delivered by the Mayor of London's development agency.
University of Oxford
University of Oxford
Liber Project
A unique program connecting start-ups with MBA & e-MBA students and alumni.
Games London Accelerator
Games London
Accelerator 2021
The Games London Accelerator is the country’s only fast-track program for games businesses.